Our company provides innovative solutions that support the management of ostomy, diabetes, catheter and wound care. We command a fast delivery system which includes free shipping anywhere in the United States.
Customers can purchase products using their extended medical insurance.

Urinary Catheters

Types of Catheters:

We provide a vast variety of catheters in different sizes so that our customers can get exactly what they’re looking for. Gentle experience and painless procedure will always be our aim.

Intermittent Catheters: Catheters are manufactured using a number of materials and they can be either flexible or rigid depending on what they’re made of. You can use our rigid catheter or go for flexible rubber latex catheter all according to your preference.

Straight Catheters: Straight catheters are straight hollow flexible tubes that intermittently empty the urine from bladder. They are single-use and disposable to prevent the user from UTIs. Our straight catheters are soft, gentle and can be easily used. We have numerous size options you can choose from ranging from pediatric to adults.

Hydrophilic Catheters: If you experience pain, discomfort or pressure during catheterization then you can choose our hydrophilic catheters which are lubricated for painless insertion. The hydrophilic coating makes them easy to slide in reducing friction and therefore urethral damage.

Coude tip catheters:  Coude tip catheters or Foley catheters are slightly curved for comfortable insertion. They are available in different materials as well like silicon, latex.

Is silicon better or latex? Silicon is synthetic and inorganic so doesn’t support bacterial growth whereas latex is organic and susceptible to bacteria.

External catheters: They include condom catheters which are worn just like a condom. Our condom catheter is most preferable as it is not inserted into the body. This is impressively user-friendly and can be changed at home as well. These can be used for a day or two.

Closed system catheters: For our customer’s convenience and privacy, we suggest them closed system catheters. These are self-lubricated and connected to a collection bag eliminating the need to drain in the toilet.

Our size range: The female catheters are around 6 inches long while the male catheters range around 16 inches. You doctor will test your catheter French sizes and choose the one that suits you best and we’ll make it available for you.

Diabetic Supplies

We have a wide range of top quality supplies to manage your diabetes and monitoring your blood glucose. Insulin is a hormone which has the duty to control sugar levels in body. Your doctor will recommend you different types of insulin according to your diabetes category. These include, Short-acting, Regular or short acting, Intermediate acting, Low acting

Insulin pen: Insulin pens are portable, painless and less time-consuming. They consist of an insulin cartridge (integrated or bought separately) and a dial to measure the dose which is used with disposable pen needles to deliver the dose.

How to use insulin pens:

  • Gently shake before use.
  • Use alcohol wipe to clean the upper membrane on the end of the pen.
  • Load the cartridge, screw on the needle and prime the pen to clear air.
  • Then dial in exact dose you require.
  • Inject into injection site (abdomen)

Lancets and Lancing devices:

Lancets and lancing devices are used to draw out a drop of blood to test blood glucose level, Lancet is a sharp needle like object used to pierce the skin while lancing device holds the lancet. Lancet is single-use whereas lancing device can be used again.

Glucose Monitor:

Glucose monitors test your blood glucose level and help to keep it in control. We have a wide assortment of glucose monitors for different types of diabetes.

  • Automatic on/off:
  • Wide screen
  • Auto talking

Insulin pumps:

Insulin pump is a small computerized device. It delivers insulin through a thin tube that goes under your skin and releases small amount of glucose to keep your blood glucose even. The pump is attached to your body (insertion site) by cannula which is a small tube or needle that goes in the skin. Pumps use both short-acting and rapid-acting insulin but not long-acting insulin.

We provide various accessories along with Insulin pumps like, Infusion sets, Insulin coolers, Pump accessories, Insulin protector case.

Ketone Test Strips: You can use ketone test strips to check whether you’re in ketosis. It checks your ketone level in urine and is easier to use than a glucose blood meter. They are convenient and easy to use at home, work, or while travelling.

  • Quick results: You just have to pee on the strip and gently shake off extra urine. Wait for 40-60 seconds and then compare the color with the chart provided.
  • Accurate reading


Wound Care