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Catheter Supplies

What is a catheter? A catheter is a thin tube made from medical-grade materials, used as support in the drainage of fluid from the body. Our catheter supplies for men and women come in a variety of sizes to suit different necessities and lifestyles such as travel catheter, pre-lubricated catheter and compact catheter.

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Catheters come in a range of styles depending on your needs,  Intermittent (or “in-and-out”) catheters are disposable, single-use devices that do not remain in the body after emptying. 

Foley catheters also called “indwelling” catheters remain in the body for a set period of time and are attached to drainage tubing and collecting bags. 

Male external catheters  sometimes referred to as “condom” catheters  fit over a man’s genitalia and attach to a drainage tube and collecting bag. All catheter supplies come in a variety of lengths, “French” sizes, and styles.

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