Ostomy supplies are used by people who have a colostomy, ileostomy, or urostomy. We carry a wide variety of ostomy appliances and accessories, including: one-piece and two-piece pouches, wafers, rings, paste, powder, barrier wipes, adhesive removers, stoma caps and more.

Ostomy appliances come in varying sizes, so it is important you know precisely what size you need. These products are unisex and are also available in pediatric sizes.Being comfortable with your body and your life is key when you have an ostomy.  You are busy enough as it is that you don’t need to add worries, tasks, or time-consuming chores to your life. It is our hope that this list presents products you’ve never thought of or heard of and that you can continue your research of them until you find out what works for you.

1. The one-piece drainable pouch system.

If you’ve had your ostomy for long enough that your body has completely healed around your surgery site, you may be ready for a one-piece pouch system (one-piece pouch systems are available for urostomies but the pouch will drain urine instead of solid or liquid waste). 

Normally, you wear a two-piece system consisting of a wafer and a pouch. The wafer sticks to your abdominal skin and protects the sensitive skin around your stoma from the acidity of your output. The pouch then attaches to the wafer. It’s a pretty simple system, but what if you could cut out a step by having a one-piece system where the wafer and pouch come already attached? This system will get you out of the door faster than before, so you can get on with your life.

2. Lubricating ostomy deodorant

If you use a drainable fecal pouch, get yourself some ostomy lubricating deodorant. This gel makes your life so much easier by removing odors from your pouch and preventing solid matter from sticking to the sides of the bag. This makes draining the pouch easier, which makes your life easier. 

Many pouches also come with built-in charcoal filters, but that’s more for the odor associated with gas leaving the bag, as opposed to odor from waste inside the bag. If your pouch doesn’t come with a filter, find one that does. This is almost standard nowadays. You should not have to “burp” your bag anymore, nor risk it ballooning up due to gas.

3. Swabstick adhesive removers

Before you put on the wafer part of your pouching system, you will need to clean the skin to eradicate any oils or soap residue that would prevent the wafer from sticking to the skin. DO NOT USE BABY WIPES. The aloe and soothing agents in baby wipes leave a residue that stops wafers from properly sticking. 

You must clean your skin by means of an adhesive remover to remove any old glue agents. These removers will remove any natural body oil as well. The motive many of these removers work so well is that they are alcohol based.

After the alcohol has evaporated and the skin no longer feels wet, you can wipe the skin with a swapstick which adds a sticky deposit to the skin.

4. Stoma caps

A stoma cap is fundamentally a shower cap for your stoma. It is not transparent. It’s not a substitute for a pouch. What a stoma cap is, is a cover for your stoma to guard it while you shower or bathe, swim, have sex, or anytime you need to cover your stoma but don’t want a bag hanging from your body. Stoma caps are a brilliant item that keep you living a healthy, active lifestyle.

Stoma caps come as either one-piece systems or two-piece systems. They also come with all of the varieties that any other pouching system comes with. If you are comfortable with your pouching system, then discovering a stoma cap to fit your needs ought to be easy.

5. Ostomy support garments.

Whether you wear a one-piece system or a two-piece system, every now and then your body just isn’t feeling it. You feel bloated. You overeat. You have gas. Your bag is rubbing bizarrely touching your clothing. Something is just getting in the way of you being in comfort with your ostomy.  On these days — or for some people, everyday — an ostomy support garment is key. A support garment is a fitted band of fabric to wear around your abdomen. You wear it over your ostomy system. This keeps your ostomy pouch closer to your body. It helps smooth out any bumps or obvious wrinkles. It supports carrying the weight of your system if you are at present feeling bloated. 

These easy-to-slip-on items smooth the appearance of a pouch, so that it doesn’t show from under your clothes. They give support and style, all in one thin undergarment.

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